TGR Designed Golf Course:
El Cardonal


Scorecard & Course Layout

Construction has begun on a new 18-hole, championship golf course, designed by Tiger Woods and his company Tiger Woods Design (TWD). “El Cardonal” will look and play very differently from the Dunes Course and will help solidify Diamante’s reputation as a world-class golf destination.

Influenced by the old-style courses of Southern California that he grew up playing, Tiger’s vision is to create a course that brings back the need for strategy – with several options to navigate each hole. The course will challenge expert players, but it will also provide options for those with higher handicaps. It will be truly accessible and fun for golfers of all skill levels.

While the Dunes course is reminiscent of a classic Scottish links course, this course is going to remind people of the old-style California courses… We will use the existing arroyos that traverse the site and well-placed bunkers to create definite strategic choices and carries off the tees…  I set up the golf strategy to make golfers think and make choices… Regardless of your handicap, there are going to be different ways to play every hole. Angles of approach are going to be very important and will dictate the type of shots you should consider. I love this kind of golf.Tiger Woods

What really sets TWD apart is Tiger’s commitment to the project, and his passion to create a golf experience players of all levels can enjoy… It doesn’t hurt that Cabo San Lucas is the backdrop to Diamante, as one of the world’s most desired vacation spots. Having a course designed by Tiger Woods will only add to the resort city’s allure.Ken Jowdy, President/CEO

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